About Melbo

Melbo International B.V. was founded three years ago by Melle de Boer, Director of the stainless steel processing company, De Boer RVS.

Melle de Boer saw business opportunities in China, where quality stainless steel products could be made at lower production costs. He resolved to collaborate with Mewi, which is managed by a Dutch person familiar to De Boer.

In recent years, De Boer RVS has rapidly developed innovative and user-friendly machines for the shrimp fishery, among other industries. At the request of De Boer, Mewi delivered shells and components to the company in Makkum. Of course, these shells and components had to satisfy strict (European) requirements. The good relationship, lack of a language barrier, and short communication channels between the companies assures that high quality products are supplied to the European market.

Melbo International recently submitted a project to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Goals of the project are to make shrimp fisheries more sustainable by limiting the catch, improving labour efficiency and use of resources, and to deliver a fresher product. For this project, Melbo will use the innovative machines manufactured by De Boer RVS. The Ministry has already allocated a subsidy and the project will start soon.

De Boer also collaborates with Mewi together with Advantage Werkmij. By joining forces, the companies are widely utilizable in the road construction and hydraulics industries. Projects of a variety of sizes can be implemented using all types of material (steel, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, plastic, etc.). The company has a lot of experience in this field.